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Situation needs to hire foreign workers in the associated string. Scratch war.

Information at December 31, 2551, Taiwan has foreign workers work includes Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Mongolia, and total number of 365,060 Thai workers who have worked around the island of Taiwan, 75,584 people. 

Office workers in war scratch. Thai workers are responsible for overseeing the district’s southern island of Taiwan, including 8 in a number of Thai workers by 22,836 people scattered in different war is scratch TAINAN 7387 people 4808 people 6989 people come to Zhang Yun. Lin Yi as 1690 people 1310 people Ehii Ping Tong Tong pull 652 people 9 people and island of Peng Hu 2 people.

Year 2552, Taiwan has been affected by the global financial economy as well as other countries allowed a good luck to Taiwan. A country that has more currency reserves are the world’s No. 4 may have the opportunity to rehabilitate the country’s economy.

Potential demand for labor in the District of southern Thai island of Taiwan, which the UK. the responsibility of the Snr. Scratch war in 2552.           

– Project of  Fomosa Mark rule year in the Southern Region.           

1. Fomosa Tech CFO Toyota textiles in Yun Lin 85 people.           

2. Fomosa’s Heavy in the trustees. Structural steel assembly. Scratch in a war 125 workers who are both general. And skilled workers.           

3. Fomosa’s rule plastics a year. City my Liao. Construction of a refinery expansion project, Phase 5 is expected to use the 800 workers per           year.           

– Construction of a large number of government projects conducted in 12 southern island of Taiwan area as projects expand the town’s old underground war TAINAN create growth in high-speed train Yi Ehii construction project portal. Ship free trade and environmental protection in war scratch. Construction of new product sources. Construction of flood protection projects, construction, etc. Although these are limited government, Taiwan. Quota to import foreign workers. But local people are not running this popular. Jobs could be left empty to some Thai workers.           

– Food, beverage business should be a matter for the Thai workers jobs as well.


Source: Snr. Scratch war.