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Thai labor welfare

        – Labor Insurance Fund equals 6.5 percent of wages by employers pay 70 percent, Taiwan Government to pay 10 per cent and people find jobs pay 20 percent match.

        – Health insurance fund as 4.25 per cent of wages by employers to pay 60 per cent, Taiwan government and people pay 10 per cent of paid contributions for 30 per cent.


Costs of medical care for the people responsible.

         – Registration fees from 30 to 200 Taiwan dollars to maintain the 1.

         – A medical clinic (outpatient) must pay $ 50 Taiwan. If in the hospital must pay 100 dollars, Taiwan.

         – If the rest hospitalized (inpatient) must pay the type of treatment rooms. (Which is divided into rooms for the immediate and chronic diseases) and the number of days stay care beds.


Rights and benefits to be received from funds.

         – When medical treatment is free. Except the costs for the people responsible.

         – If you lose any organs from work to compensation.

         – If death will receive payment for cremation with 5 months and pay compensation according to the following conditions.


        *** If outside of death. Will receive compensation under the Fund-old:.

               – Fund has not received full compensation 1 year 10 months.

               – Fund 1 year but not full compensation has been 2 years 20 months.

               – Fund but not exceeding 2 years, 3 years full replacement received 30 months.


        *** Case died due to work no matter how long a term will receive compensation equal wages 40 months.