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Trends and opportunities of thai workers



      Employment of foreign workers in Taiwan last year. If you consider all international comparisons of labor statistics from the Labor Commission as of January 2548 there were 314,034 people a month in December 2548 which increased the number of 327,396 people or 13,362 people, up 4.25 percent against the Taiwan economy. In 2548 the growth rate is only 3.8 per cent decrease from the year 2547 a growth rate 5.95 percentage point to the need to rely on foreign workers in Taiwan that has more. Taiwan plans to attract investors. The opening of free industrial zone in Port scratch that war entitled to operators in hiring foreign workers to work 40 per cent of local workers.



      Therefore, in the year 2549 is expected to employ foreign workers in Taiwan will not be less than the wage in 2548 was approximately 320,000 to 330,000 people with serious However, if Taiwan government policy to control the number of foreign workers, there were approximately 300,000 migrant numbers. Foreigners may be limited.