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The TTEO (Labour Division), Kaohsiung, thanks contributors in the case of Thai worker who fell sick after eating raw snails

The Thailand Trade and Economic Office, Labour Division, Kaohsiung, would like to extend our gratitude to all contributors for their kind donations in the case of Mr. Chatchai Khuridee, a Thai worker at Uni-President Glass Industrial Co., Ltd in Tainan District, Taiwan.

Mr Chatchai was infected by parasites after eating raw snails. The parasites damaged his neurological system, resulting in a coma and paralysis. He was hospitalized in Taiwan from 6 April to 15 May 2018 and was then transported back to Thailand on 15 May for continued treatment. Surprisingly, when he arrived in Thailand, his condition showed some improvement and he could respond to his parents by blinking.

Contributions for assistance to Mr Chatchai totaled NT$ 527,549 , for which we extend heartfelt thanks to:

1. Man-Strong Manpower Mgt. Co.,Ltd. 218,536 NT
2. Thai Airways International Public Company Limited 51,286 NT
3. Chi Mei Foundation 47,997 NT
4. Chang Yung-Fa Foundation (Evergreen Group) 37,500 NT
5. Uni-President Glass Industrial Co.,Ltd. 35,605 NT
6. Co-workers 31,200 NT
7. Tzu Chi Foundation 20,000 NT
8. The Fund for Job-Seekers Working Abroad 25,148 NT
9. Relative in Taiwan 20,277 NT
10. Chinchai Manpower International Co.,Ltd. 20,000 NT
11. Ms. Pranom Phaenyai 20,000 NT
(Former Interpreter for Tainan Labour Office)